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Failure of MasterCard transactions

My sincere apologies to all users who are affected by the current outage on Mastercard transactions. Zeta is connected to the Mastercard network through a prominent card processing service provider, which unfortunately is facing a serious outage that has lasted… Continue Reading →

Passwords as Second Factor: To mitigate risks of password data compromise

Password based authentication is known to have many weaknesses. The weaknesses are chiefly attributable common human behavior of reusing the same password across services, using passwords that can be easily remembered, etc. There is a lot of advice in information… Continue Reading →


We use Cloudflare for DDoS mitigation and certain other benefits it offers. Like millions of websites that rely on Cloudflare, we are also susceptible to #Cloudbleed. Ever since the details emerged from Clourdflare, we have started our analysis of impact… Continue Reading →

SecureShield: Campaign for Secure Transactions

As Indians, we are desensitized to certain social evils. Corruption. Dowry. Black Money. We see them often, and yet we may not really process them, until they injure us or our loved ones directly. I feel there’s another social evil,… Continue Reading →

Today, Payments are generally insecure

Have you ever been asked by a waiter at a restaurant for your card PIN? Has he ever written it down on a piece of paper? Have you ever noticed a CCTV camera watching you enter the PIN at a… Continue Reading →

Digital Meal Vouchers

Maintaining an account of some value and supporting debits and credits on that account is an elementary exercise that a computer science student picks up in a Database course. Hundreds of accounting systems have been built across the world with… Continue Reading →

Trusted Contacts

Protecting access to sensitive information and providing strong authentication for all financial transactions is expected of any financial app. However the hardware limitations, platform semantics and the lack of knowledge of most users make the hard problem of securing access… Continue Reading →

First Post

When I started conceptualising Zeta, it appeared like a great startup opportunity. Once Bhavin and I started working on it, the canvas began to expand everyday. A great many doors opened to us, each one enabling us in new ways,… Continue Reading →

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